Missionary Care

Missions and Mental Health Resources from Ron and Bonnie Koteskey

Missionary Care Brochures

On this site you will find several series of "brochures" on topics of interest to missionaries. You can read these brochures here online, you can download them in various formats (we recommend the pdf format), load them on a Kindle or other e-reader.  For some of the sets of brochures, you can download the entire series in an e-book.

"What Missionaries Ought to Know" Brochures

Brochures in this series contain general information about various topics related to mental health and missionary care.

These brochures are all titled, "What Missionaries Ought to Know about ______," and each one contains information on topics ranging from adolescence to guilt to trauma.

Individual brochures from this series can be read below, or download the entire series (as well as the stewardship of self series) as an e-book. The e-book is free and may be distributed to others as well.

Some of these brochures are also available in Korean here.   

In addition, some of the brochures are also available in Chinese.

Beginning with the Basics

Everyday Challenges

Challenges That May Become Problems

Family and Sexuality

Relationships with Others

Caring for Missionaries

Ending Well

"Stewardship of Self" Brochures

Brochures in this series contain self-help information for missionaries. Ideally one ought to consult a medical professional before making any lifestyle change to ensure that the change will not be detrimental to existing conditions or treatments. However, some Christian workers have limited access to mental health professionals. These brochures are all titled "Stewardship of Self for Christian Workers ___________," and each one emphasizes practical things missionaries may do for specific problems in the absence of professional help

Missionaries and Marriage Issues

Cross cultural living has many challenges. If you add to that mix marriage, it can get really complicated and interesting. Here are several brochures that address this issue:

Missionary Singles Issues

The proportion of people living as singles is increasing in Western cultures. In fact, there are more unmarried adults than married ones in some Western countries already, and the trend is toward that in other countries as well. Ron has written a series of brochures, “Cross-Cultural Singles Issues,” to help individuals deal with some of the situations that arise when singles serve in other cultures.

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